10 Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

Now-a-days, there is a huge demand for nursing jobs. When an interview is held for this position, the interviewer will ask about the interests, skills, training and experience. There are no wrong or right answers, there is only worse versus better answers. The interviewee should show that the right choice is in the front of him/her. So for getting such kind of an impression in the interview, knowing the top 10 most common nursing interview questions and the example answers can benefit you.

1. What do you mean by nursing in your terms? Can men choose this profession?

Nurse is not only for a feminine gender. Men can also apply for this and can become a nurse. However, the females are considered first. When coming to the definition of nurse you can tell that he/she deals with the patients to provide medical assistance under the doctor’s guidance.

2. Why did you choose this profession?

For this question you should provide a good answer like you are fond of this job profile and love to help people to come out of their misery etc.

3. Have you dealt with the injection anytime?

You should explain softly about this kind of experience. If you have done, you can also add further that you are also well-versed in gathering the details related to the patient’s blood report etc.

4. What is your plus point?

You can tell your previous experience as a plus point. You can include your working ability, your experience and so on.

5. How did your training make you to face the challenges in this profession?

For this type of question you can take an example from your past experience and you can tell. Be confident in whatever you explain to them.

6. Are you afraid of the blood?

If you are experienced, you can tell that you had experience and almost daily you saw blood. The candidates who are freshers and do not have any experience should confidently tell that they are not afraid of the blood.

7. Do you find any difficulty in being a nurse?

For this type of question you should provide positive answers like the following.

  • You can tell that if there is a patient who is unhappy and suffering from lot of pain, you may feel very difficult if you cannot comfort him/her.
  • You can also tell that you look the difficulties as challenges, and you enjoy overcoming those challenges.

8. Which one do you prefer, teamwork or alone?

This you should think and give a response as this is a typical question.

9. Are you a self-motivator?

You should explain very well for this kind of question. While explaining this question, provide some examples to support your answer.

10. Why are you very much interested in working with our organization?

You should give a good and impressive answer for this. You can tell that their organization is a reputed organization with latest techniques and research or their firm is having an innovative and vibrant reputation etc., when asked this question.

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