10 Tips for promotion interview

A promotion interview is one that is conducted by an employer for whom an employee is already working. In fact a promotion interview is more difficult than a regular interview as the interviewer is acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses. So preparing for a promotion interview is absolutely imperative. Make sure to follow the below mentioned 10 terrific promotion interview tips and you will get through for sure:-

1)   Dress Formally – Dressing up professionally leaves a good impression and shows your seriousness about the job you are being interviewed for.

2)   Prepare Well – It is necessary that you prepare for the interview knowing about the kinds of expectations the job has for you.

3)   Improve skills – As the company you are working for already knows about your weaknesses try to work on them and give assurance to lower them in the required job position.

4)   Be confident – You need to present a confident personality according to the demands of the position.

5)   Rehearse Well – You should have a rehearsal session before the actual interview it will ensure that you will not fumble.

6)   Highlight Strengths – You should make a note of all your strengths as you need to assure the employer that you deserve the promotion.

7)   Reasons for being selected  – The promotion interview basically tries to assess how you can add value to the position and assure the interviewer that you deserve this promotion.

8)   Being prepared for not being selected – The interviewer may ask you to tell how you feel if you are not selected for promotion and you should be prepared to answer this question.

9)   Salary Hike – One of the commonest promotion interview questions is about the salary hike you expect after the promotion and you should do your homework well on this aspect.

10)               General Knowledge – Last but not the least you need to know some general facts that correlate to your company.

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