50 Tough Interview Questions

In an interview all kinds of questions are asked some of which are easy and some seem quite tough. These tough interview questions aim to assess the candidate in a thorough manner so that their skill sets can be judged. Hence a candidate attending an interview should have knowledge of these interview questions that can be asked in any interview and be prepared for the same. Given below is a sample collection of the 50 tough interview questions that can be asked in an interview.

Sample 50 tough interview questions

  1. Tell us something about your personal and professional background in terms of accomplishments?
  2. Why do you think we should hire you?
  3. What is it that you are looking out for in a job?
  4. What is it that you can offer to our company?
  5. Have you changed your job profile ever since you started working?
  6. What are the problems that you are facing in your current job?
  7. Are you good at working under pressure and follow work deadlines precisely?
  8. Is there anything you can do differently for the present job position that others can’t?
  9. What is the meaning of success according to you?
  10. Do you think you have been successful professionally?
  11. Tell us something that you know about our organization?
  12. Give us reasons why you want to work for our organization?
  13. Please tell us what you understand about the role expected from the position that is vacant in our organization?
  14. what style of working do your prefer/
  15. Given a choice would you change the nature of your job?
  16. Are you considering any other job positions right now?
  17. What are your professional goals in the long run and short run?
  18. What is it that interests you the most about the present job position in our company?
  19. Can you tell us something about our competitors?
  20. What is it that you liked the most about your previous job and why?
  21. Give some examples of how a good manager should be?
  22. Do you think you possess leadership qualities?
  23. What qualities do you look for in a person for this said position if you were taking the interview?
  24. Have you ever fired any employee before and if yes on what grounds?
  25. What are the latest trends in our market segment right now?
  26. What are the paramount issues that are essential for our business in the market at present?
  27. Why do you want to shift from your present job?
  28. How long do you think you will be associated with our organization?
  29. What is your opinion about your superior in your previous job?
  30. Can you tell us some situations where your work was criticized by your superiors?
  31. How will you handle dejection in life?
  32. If we were to speak to your previous boss, do you think he or she will give a good testimonial about you?
  33. What are your professional weaknesses and how will you fix them?
  34. What do you think is the right pay for the present position vacant in our organization?
  35. Why do you think that you deserve this pay?
  36. Will you be able to undertake any behavioral tests that we may conduct before hiring you for this position?
  37. Which is the last book you read?
  38. Can you remember what you ate the previous day for lunch?
  39. Are you a creative person?
  40. What do you think is your personality type?
  41. When do you think you can start to work with our company?
  42. Can you tell us some difficult situations that you have faced in your career and how you handled them?
  43. What importance do you give to maintaining cordial relationship with others in an organization?
  44. Do you think your boss should mingle freely with you or entail a reserved behavior?
  45. Don’t you think you are over qualified for this dais position in our organization?
  46. How will you react if you are not selected for this position in our organization?
  47. We feel that you lack the necessary experience required for this job. What do you have to say about it?
  48. How many jobs have you changed so far in your entire career history?
  49. What is the most attractive thing about a job?
  50. If you have to choose between your staff and your customer whom will you give more preference?

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