Account Executive Interview Questions

An Accounts executive interview questions are the sequence of questions that can be very helpful for interviewers who want to know the right skills to test for and choose the best candidate among them. Candidates who have applied for the post of an account executive should possess accounting knowledge, familiarity with his roles and responsibilities, and should perform well according to the expectations of the firm. The following questions help the interviewers to conduct the interview well.

Sample Accounts executive interview questions

  • What kind of courses in finance have you undertaken?
  • What are the subjects to be good at to become an accounts executive according to you?
  • Why did you choose your college over other colleges in the same league?
  • Do the responsibilities of an account executive vary between industries and departments?
  • In the context of an account executive in the marketing department, what will be your key role?
  • What will you do to control ineffective spending on an activity?
  • Who are the founders of your previous organization?
  • Name some of the close competitors of your firm in an offshore market.
  • What are the mandatory disclosers that a company needs to make to the market regulator?
  • Why did you not perform well in your third year of graduation?
  • Why did you choose to become an accounts executive?
  • Did you have a clean exit from your previous organization?
  • What will be your next target after becoming an accounts executive?
  • What are your career ambitions?
  • How would you convince us that our firm loses if we don’t select you?

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