Accountant Job Interview Questions

  1. Do you mind taking me through your resume?
  2. Why did you choose an Accounting career?
  3. Narrate your experience in preparation of Management Accounts.
  4. Please tell us how have you achieved the implementation of recent tax law changes for your organization?
  5. What is your experience in reconciliation?
  6. Give us an example where you successfully handled a complex financial project which required handling of complex financial data , analyze it and meet the deadline set for it.
  7. Which are the accounting packages that you have used so far? And which is the best among them? Why?
  8. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest amendments to the various laws pertaining to your organization?
  9. How much salary do you expect?
  10. Does the salary match your qualifications and experience?
  11. Tells us of an instance of how you achieved in monitoring the regulations that affected your accounting position.

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