Accounting and Finance Interview Questions

  1. Tell us a little about yourself?
  2. From which institution have you scored your specialization in the field of Accounting and Finance?
  3. Name the organizations you have worked with as an employee in accounting and finance department?
  4. Why should we hire you when we have more experienced applicants than you?
  5. Have you ever faced any issue in billing and invoices? If yes, how many times have you encountered with such problems?
  6. It is a team job. Do you think you have the ability to work in a team? How do you rate your coordination skills?
  7. What information do you think are necessary to pass any invoice over finance and accounts?
  8. Explain the steps to prepare an invoice? What kind of ERP system have you used in previous organization?
  9. Discuss account and finance payable cycle?
  10. What is the different accounting and finance records have you maintained? Have you taken any training to work in accounting and finance department?

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  1. muthuraj says:

    i have finished B.COM in addition to MBA graduation .i am looking out for finance related job now.

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