Accounting associate Interview Questions

Accounting associate interview questions are asked to the interested candidates, who are interested in the offered job position. A deserving candidate is being selected by the HR department by evaluating the previous job experience, education and knowledge of handling various accounting procedures.

Sample accounting associate Interview Questions:

  • Walk me through your resume. Tell us any two strengths and weakness of your candidature?
  • Are you aware about your job functions for this job positions? Mention any three major duties.
  • What do you understand from time sheet? Disuses the procedure executed to prepare this sheet? State any two benefits for the same.
  • Define the terms: payroll, billing payments and cost cutting procedures. How a billing payment is different from an invoice?
  • What do you understand from process month end journal entries? State the procedures for the same?
  • How do you answer the queries of customers and handle vendor invoice questions? What method do you follow to collect the vendor pending payments?
  • What approach do you follow to evaluate the bonus points of monthly employee sheet?
  • Explain your role in auditing procedure? How do you maintain a bookkeeping system, clerical accounts, process invoices using available software?
  • What is the main difference between cut checks, type memos and code payments? Where these three can be used separately?
  • How do you handle employee expense reports, process sales contracts and maintain payable accounts?
  • Discuss the available accounting policies and procedures widely used nowadays in the accounts department.
  • Have you ever been encountered with a serious customer issue related to outstanding payment? If yes, how do you clarify such an issue?

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