Accounting Clerk Interview Questions

  1. Talk us through your resume?
  2. With how many renowned organizations have you worked?
  3. What are your educational qualifications? Since how many years are you working on this post in accounts department?
  4. Are you sure, you have the ability to work under stressful circumstances?
  5. Explain the types of invoices available in accounts department? Mention the format and its use as an invoice?
  6. When doyou cross check the invoice and which point do you read carefully?
  7. Have you ever tackled a situation where have you made a mistake in invoice and you realize it after despatching it to the customer? How did you handle this embarrassing situation?
  8. During checking if you find any mistake in the invoice then how do you generate the customer reference number again?
  9. Which tools and models do you use in an ERP system?
  10. When would you like to join us?

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