Accounting Job Interview Questions

  1. Do you mind telling me something about your resume?
  2. Which is the area of accounting that you can claim to be your strongest?  Which is the area which would rate as your weakest?
  3. What additional experience or training will be sufficient to perform your duties more smoothly?
  4. Tells us more about your knowledge and experience in reconcialtion.
  5. Do you intend to complete your CPA? By when do you plan to complete the course? How do you plan to prepare for it?
  6. Do you believe your creativity helped you ever to solve the problem you faced on job? Give an example.
  7. I see your resume speaks about your flair for literature. Then what made you select Accounting as a profession?
  8. What aspects of Accounting do you dislike and why?
  9. What is your expected salary from this job?
  10. Do you think your experience and qualifications deserve this salary?
  11. What prompted you to select this accounting job?

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