Accounting supervisor Interview Questions

Accounting supervisor interview questions are a framed set of questions used to screen an interested candidate, who is willing to work on the same job position. Education, experience of handling essential tasks and knowledge of implementing diverse accounting supervisory procedures are the main focus of such an interview.

Sample Accounting supervisor Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your accounting supervisory experience with the previous organizations?
  • Explain, what have you learnt from the challenging situations you faced in your last job?
  • State any three major duties of an accounting supervisor? What are the fundamental objectives and aims of this designation?
  • How do you handle an invoice error dispute? Tell me about your skills of working on diverse invoice software?
  • Discuss the important steps to approve an invoice payment? What course of action would you like to take if the invoice is consisting of calculation errors?
  • State your approach of evaluating invoices and billing payments? State a difference between billable and non- billable expenses?
  • Explain your involvement in accounting audit procedures and discuss your responsibilities for the same?
  • How do you rate your experience of supervising payroll system? How many payroll systems have you been accessed till date?
  • Do you have experience of implementing cost cutting procedures? If yes, discuss the essential steps.
  • What is the major difference between payroll management and payroll distribution? Discuss the role of a payroll distribution journal.
  • How many activities are involved in supervising the accounting payroll system?
  • Discuss the main problems you have experienced during supervising or inspecting a particular payroll program?

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