Accounting Technical Interview Questions

  1. Talk us through your resume?
  2. What qualifications have you scored in the field of accounting? Tell us something about your experience in the field of accounting?
  3. Do you have any experience to work in a team?
  4. What do you understand by accounting? Give the relation between managerial accounting, financial accounting and cost accounting?
  5. Discuss the effects of International Accounting Standards on various accounting practices to develop Nations growth?
  6. Where can you use accrual accounting? How is it different from cost accounting? What are the limitations of financial accounting?
  7. What does an account mean in an accounting system? How do you open an account?
  8. Give steps to prepare a technical report on closing accounts of a department?
  9. What are the disadvantages and advantages of newly introduced account software? Give your opinion?
  10. How do you arrange an audit process and explain your role in this process?
  11. If you are selected, can you join us as soon as possible?

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  1. Amit Kumar says:

    I want some interview topics, with suggested answers.
    i have accounting exp. but can not explain in front of an one.

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