Accounts Coordinator Interview Questions

An accounts coordinator interview questions are the questions asked to an individual who is sitting for an interview for the position of an accounts coordinator. The questions asked in the interview are too aimed analyze the coordination skills of the individual to assure the he would be able to assist in the overall process of the organization’s financial process. There are also questions to evaluate the person’s knowledge in accounting.

  1. Tell us something about yourself.
  2. What do you think are your best skills that will help in contributing towards the organization?
  3. Have you ever been involved in an invoice dispute and if yes, how did you solve the dispute?
  4. How much experience do you have in accounts payable?
  5. Do you know the strategies required to prepare an accounts receivable?
  6. What according to you is the role of debtors in an account receivable?
  7. Have you ever conducted audits? If yes, tell us your experience in conducting it.
  8. Do you have any experience in accounting of fixed assets?
  9. What are the various methods for calculating depreciation?
  10. Can you tell how expenses are different from expenditure?
  11. How will identify the budget reduction methods in an organization?
  12. In case of allocating costs, what are the methods that you will use?
  13. Give a brief detail about your experience in cost accounting?
  14. How would you mark out the quality affecting factors in the accounting department?
  15. Where do you see yourself after five years?

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