Accounts Job Interview Questions

  1. Discuss the major positive and negative points of your resume?
  2. Why have you resigned from your previous association? How was your experience with this organization? Have you cleared all debits from that association?
  3. Why do you think that accounts department is one of the major department of an organisation?
  4. Do you think that you will be comfortable in working in a team? Did you ever had any disputes with your subordinates?
  5. Explain the various cost cutting measures you are using in different expenditure reports?
  6. How do you update all departments on various changing policies of accounts department?
  7. What is your role in audit and quality management system? Give an example of internal accounts control procedure?
  8. How can you help our company to save money by reducing expenses?
  9. If some mistake is found in records after you have audited, what will you do?
  10. How do you manage your role with finance department and handle all transactions with this department?
  11. When are you available to join us?

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  1. md. shakil says:

    I am to face the interview at a university for the post of accountant having knowledge in Tally ERP9 .
    It will be very helpful if someone may guide me by specifying the probable questions in Tally ERP 9 and list of accounts maintained at univesity level.

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