Accounts Receivable Interview Questions

  1. Let me know about your background?
  2. How many years of exposure do you have in accounts department? What have you learnt from your previous experience?
  3. What is the reason behind your resignation?
  4. Differentiate between creditors and debenture holders?
  5. How many methods are there to communicate with old customers to do follow up regarding pending payment?
  6. Where will you put the old records and files and how will you start indexing new records?
  7. How do you make commission structures and cash flow statements?
  8. Discuss the barriers to successful receivable accounts management?
  9. Explain the different steps to accounting cycle? How do you define an imprested account?
  10. What is the method to calculate accounts working capital? Explain cost sheet in accounting? Give the purpose of such sheet?
  11. Differentiate between debit and credit memo? What are ledger entries? Describe voucher and cash payment journal?
  12. What is your expected range of salary?
  13. Do you agree with office timings and shifts?

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