Active Directory Technical Interview Questions

  1. Let us know about your background and experiences?
  2. Do you have any specific qualification to handle technical tasks?
  3. What do you understand from Active Directory? Explain the major difference between NFTS and FAT?
  4. Give definition of group? Differentiate between, local, global and universal group?
  5. Explain LSDOU? What is the reason that LSDOU is not compatible with Windows NT?
  6. Describe GPC and GPT? Where does GPT stored? Is it user defined or default stored?
  7. In which mode universal groups can be created? Which place is responsible for policies storage?
  8. What is administrator template and which all files are contained in this template? Name the persons who have the authority to access these templates?
  9. Does a user have the power to restrict some running applications on his/ her machine?
  10. State the difference between Windows Installer and Software Installer? How do both work to install various applications?
  11. If you are selected, when would you like to join us?

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