Administration Interview Questions

Administration interview questions are clearly the ones asked when an individual applies for some administrative job, not only in the state and national governments but also in certain multinational companies, business firms, institutes and other profit-making organizations. These questions are so framed that they can test and analyze the administrative skills of a particular candidate and how far he is suited for the respective job.

Administration interview questions are generally in oral form, like most other interview formats, wherein the applicant enters into a face-to-face interaction with the interviewer, and answer various related questions on administration. These questions do not exactly comply with the theoretical knowledge gained, which will rather have been tested in the preliminary tests, but are mostly based on the proper understanding of administrative concepts and the practical knowledge of their correct implementation, so as to garner profits of any required form. Some important points which need to be included in such questions are:

  • Administration interview questions should be so designed that they can effectively bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and thus analyze the effect of his/ her decisions, in the concerned field, on the particular organization.
  • Administration interview questions should be tailored in a way to bring out the leadership qualities in the applicant, through some reference to his previous activities and experiences, as this is perhaps the most important factor which determines one’s administrative skills.
  • Administration interview questions should bring out the candidate’s ability to understand a particular situation or problem properly and work in a group (team spirit) to devise effective tools for solving them.

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