Administration job interview questions

  1. Why do you believe it was your work experience which played a role for this job?
  2. Which areas of administration do you find challenging?
  3. Cite an example where your analytical skills helped the higher management to resolve issues.
  4. How comfortable are you in working independently?
  5. What steps will you take where one of the talented employees starts to come in late for work?
  6. Budgets and budgetary control is an important administrative tool. Do you agree? Can you share your previous experience in such environment?
  7. What are the steps which you think are necessary to make sure that the staff works as a team? What steps will you take to strengthen it further?
  8. Let us take a hypothetical case where you have been asked to reduce the budgeted expenses, how will you achieve this?
  9. How do you plan to find solutions to customer grievances?

10. Do you want to add anything?

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