Administration job interview questions

  1. Please describe yourself in few lines.
  2. How has your experience over the years been instrumental in preparing you for this job?
  3. Give me an example where you felt the need to accumulate large amount of data, analyze it objectively and made a decision based on this.
  4. How do you achieve the time management between your own time and objectives?
  5. Give us an example of an assignment where you had used your analytical skills to provide recommendations to the management.
  6. Tell us something about of your ability to work freely and independently.
  7. Narrate a situation where you had to cement a collaborated nexus either outside or within your department to achieve a specific goal.
  8. Have you ever worked within budget-inspired scenario and budget control?
  9. Just to ensure that the staff works as a committed team, what steps will you take?
  10. 10. How will you address the administrative grievances of the staff as well as the clients?

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