Administrative Assistant Job Interview Questions

1. Briefly narrate your work experience, especially the administrative aspects.

2. In your current position how will you prepare the correspondence and the memos? Who does the proof reading for it?

3. What process do you follow in receiving and filing of the incoming letters?

4. How do you schedule the meetings?

5. What steps will you take to ensure that office functions smoothly?

6. Explain how will you achieve the adequate planning and implementation equipment procurement, office systems and lay out?

7. How will you attain the various procedures and rules regarding, working hours, closure and correct communications with regards to issues pertaining to security?

8. Are you used to working in a team? How did you contribute to achieve goals set for the team?

9. Why do you want to leave the current job? Why did you choose this job?

10. Finally, is there anything you would like to ask us?

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