Administrative coordinator Interview Questions

Administrative coordinator interview questions are designed to screen the interested candidates to hire the deserving contender as an administrative coordinator. With the help of effective interview tools, the interview panel can inspect a contender’s the educational level, professional skills and vast knowledge of the administration department.

Sample Administrative coordinator Interview Questions:

  • Discuss your candidate weakness and your past working experience.
  • Define the role of an administrative coordinator. Mention any three major job duties of this job position.
  • What do you understand from SAP and ERP? Explain each with help of an example.
  • Give a suitable definition for GAAP. Where can you use this programmable application in administration department?
  • Tell us something about your experience of handling and maintaining warehouse and inventory records. How do you ensure the security of confidential data?
  • Explain the meaning of procurement procedures. How many types of procurement procedures are available in the administrative department?
  • Are you aware about the format of graphic data reports? Tell us your technique of monitoring invoices and billing records.
  • Discuss the mode of communications do you use for handling customer queries and communicating with the other departments?
  • How do you ensure that the updated database is error free and uploaded with the lasted information?
  • Talk about any three ad hoc duties you have to fulfil for supporting the information service department.
  • Have you ever met with a situation in your career where you did not agree with your administrative supervisor?
  • How do you coordinate with the external parties regarding some important supplies?
  • Do you think you can deliver the quality work within the short deadlines?

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