Aircraft Mechanic Interview Questions

Aircraft mechanic interview questions are helpful in screening the interested job applicants who appear for an aircraft mechanic interview to work on this job position. Aircraft mechanic interview questions are practically processed and designed to judge the candidates maintenance skills, knowledge of checking & repairing aircraft parts and ability to perform various job duties.

Sample of Aircraft Mechanic Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about you experience as an aircraft mechanic.
  • Discuss your qualities which make you eligible for this job position.
  • Mention the routine job duties of an aircraft mechanic.
  • Discuss about your method of dealing with an emergency situation.
  • Name any three basic aircraft maintenance procedures you follow in your routine. Also name the different tools and equipments you are going to use for performing such maintenance operations.
  • Do you think that you are skilled to repair and maintain any aircraft or plane?
  • What do you understand from aircraft diagnose mal- function and how do you detect such defects?
  • How good are you in installing and removing an aircraft’s engine by using hoist?
  • Tell us about the time limit you generally take to modify a spacecraft system and associated components.
  • How proficient are you in understanding blue prints and reading work orders?
  • Have you ever survived an emergency repairing situation of an aircraft?
  • Have you ever faced discriminatory behaviour of your maintenance supervisor? If yes, please tell us how have you handled this situation?
  • When are you available to join us as an aircraft mechanic? Do you mind to work on holidays and weekends?

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