AIX Certification Interview Questions

AIX certification interview questions are the set of questions which are asked from a candidate who has taken up a course in AIX certification and are asked at the end of the course curriculum to test the level of what the candidate has learnt during the length of the certification course.AIX Certification is a certification which helps people to get a job in the IT industry. This course is AIX specific and is generally held for a short period of time like a crash course.

Sample AIX certification interview questions:

  • Would you like to tell us something about yourself?
  • How was your experience during the course?
  • Were you satisfied with the teaching methods?
  • Is there any particular subject of AIX certification which you think you are strong at?
  • Which is your dream job and in which company?
  • Do you think this certification will help you attain your dream job? How?
  • Please give us a detailed method to mirroring rootvg in your environment?
  • What is VPN and explain its working?
  • Please describe SAN in your own words?
  • How is NAS different from SAN?
  • Give the full form of SMTP and explain how it works?
  • Explain the various uses of DHCP to an environment.
  • Do you know what TCP dump is? Please explain what you know about it?
  • So where do you see yourself working five years down the line?
  • Do you think that this certification will help you to boost your career path?
  • Is there anything that you would like to add?

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