AMFI Certification Interview Questions

AMFI certification interview questions are asked to the interested applicants, who are willing to obtain an AMFI certification to work as a professional associate in the market. By evaluating the professional skills and estimating the knowledge & abilities of handling and accomplishing diverse practical AMFI operations of all candidates, the deserving applicants are awarded with this certification.

Sample AMFI Certification Interview Questions:

  • What have you learned from AMFI certification sessions?
  • Why do you want to secure AMFI certification? Tell us the benefits of this certification for your career?
  • Explain the primary job functions of an AMFI Certified expert?
  • How do you rate your analytical and interpersonal skills?
  • Tell us about AMFI codes of conduct. Name the newly introduced AMFI techniques.
  • After joining as an AMFI certified expert, how do you handle the potential clients by offering them suitable finance products?
  • What do you understand by finance products? Tell us the different finance product categories?
  • Please mention a little about your “beating the competition and growing in the market” approach.
  • How do you manage a database of prospective or corporate clients active in the market? What method do you use to extract the contact details of new clients?
  • Define term Mutual Funds in normal vocabulary. What are the biases of introducing a few finance products in the market?
  • What data storage approach do you use to enter and update the data securely during your AMFI practical sessions?
  • Which is your dream company that you would like to join?

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