Apps Technical Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about your background and till date candidature?
  2. What are your technical educational qualifications? How do you rate your experience on Technical Applications?
  3. Do you have any work experience to develop applications?
  4. How many types of Applications are being used in IT sector? Why do you need to develop or analyze an application programme?
  5. Name the different storage classes which are used?
  6. Differentiate between data abstraction and data encapsulation? How does an array work to store valve?
  7. Explain Null pointer? What does it stands for?
  8. What are the possible tools that you will use to design a webpage and C language programmes? Can you tell us the common tools which are used to design number of applications?
  9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of HTML, XTML and XML? How is XTML better than HTML?
  10. Are you satisfied with offered salary and agree with the norms of the company?

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