ASP Technical Interview Questions

  1. Let me know about your technical experience?
  2. Why should we hire you when we have much experienced applicants than you?
  3. Explain application variable in ASP? What if, a customer submits a form which changes the values of an application variable?
  4. What is user input data validation? Does it occur on client side or server side?
  5. Describe N- tier and MSMQ? Where these systems are applicable?
  6. Explain the steps to create ASP page? Describe the lifespan of an ASP page?
  7. What are the methods to access session variables on client side?
  8. Distinguish between server.excute and server. transfer? What is response. transfer?
  9. Give any two advantages and disadvantages of ASP? Why do you
  10. How do you define http header? Explain the process of pooling?
  11. What are the drawbacks of ASP? Differentiate ASP and ASP.NET?
  12. Do you have any questions to ask? Are you satisfied with office timings?
  13. Can you join us as soon as possible?

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