ASQ Certification Interview Questions

ASQ Certification interview questions are those questions which are framed to be asked from a candidate who has taken up an ASQ certification course from an institute and is sitting for the final stage which is the interview.ASQ Certification is recognition by ASQ to an individual who is considered worthy and qualified enough to be handed a certificate. The questions asked at such interviews are meant to test the knowledge of the candidate which has been acquired during the courses length.ASQ stands for Automated Standard Quality.

Sample ASQ Certification Interview Questions

  • Please give us a brief introduction of yourself
  • How have you benefitted by taking up this course?
  • What are you objectives and goals?
  • How do you think that this certification will help you achieve these goals you have set for yourself?
  • What do you mean by good code?
  • What do we mean when we say the testing of a life cycle?
  • How is testing affected by object oriented designs?
  • Why does any software have bugs?
  • What is meant by dynamic testing?
  • What do we mean by integration testing?
  • What was the name of topic on which you prepared your project work?
  • Give us a brief report of your project work.
  • Describe the steps that are needed to develop and run software tests?
  • What is meant by test specification?
  • Do you think you are good enough to be hired by a top IT company?
  • Is there anything else that you would like to say?

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