Assembly Technician Interview Questions

Assembly technician interview questions are the questions that are asked to candidates who have applied for the post of an assembly technician. These questions cover the technical and behavioral aptitude needed for the job of an assembly technician. Through the following questions an able candidates can be chosen for the post of an assembly technician.

Sample Assembly technician interview questions

  • How well are you prepared for the interview?
  • What is the function of a flip-flop? Tell us any 2 applications of flip flops.
  • How do you dispose the trash after you have done the assembly of various parts of a product?
  • How good are you at soldering?
  • At what points do you think you need to test a product for its quality?
  • How do you make sure that you deliver all our work on time?
  • How do you deal with a situation when your boss gives you poor rating even though you have put all your effort to deliver a good job throughout the appraisal period?
  • What is your view on organization politics? What should be done to curb it?
  • Do you think an employee should be more committed to the job than to the organization?
  • Which of these are you comfortable handling – mechanical assembly, manufacturing assembly, electronic assembly?
  • How will you notify the higher management of a corrective action in the assembly process if your manager ignores your feedback?
  • How many hours of work are you ready to put in a week as an assembly technician?
  • Do you need specialized training in any role of an assembly technician?

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