Auditor Interview Questions

Auditor interview questions are effectively programmed by the professionals to measure the previous auditing experience, educational skills and expert abilities of an individual willing to work on this designation. By asking diverse questions, the interview panel makes the final decision of hiring the deserving candidate as per organizational requirement.

Simple Auditor Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your experience of handling auditing tasks?
  • Explain auditing? What are the different types of auditing procedures available?
  • State any three differences between internal and external auditing programs? Discuss the objective of each.
  • How does a statutory audit program initiated in the audit department?
  • Explain any two benefits of an internal audit program? How do you evaluate internal audit method effectively?
  • Discuss the basic principles of auditing. Explain the importance of an internal auditor’s independency.
  • How does stock checking and usage auditing analysis help the organization? Discuss the essential auditing tools widely used in audit procedures.
  • What method do you follow to carry out an internal audit process effectively? How do you manage the record shelves for the same?
  • What is the meaning of alternate minimum tax? How does this term help to enhance the productivity of an organization?
  • Explain the functions of an internal audit chart? What is the scope of these functions?
  • Discuss before audit and after audit procedures? Explain in steps.
  • If you are conducting an audit procedure in the accounts department, how do you involve the concerned people into this procedure? Tell us shortly.
  • How do you measure the associated weakness and lacks with the audit department? What approach do you follow to suggest the effective improvements for the same?

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