AutoCAD Drafter Interview Questions

AutoCAD Drafter Interview Questions are for the candidates who want to appear in an interview for the post of AutoCAD drafter. The candidate should have knowledge as well practical experience of the AutoCAD software so that he or she can easily answer all the questions. The interview questions are structured in a way to test the knowledge of the candidate along with his educational qualification and experience.

Sample AutoCAD Drafter Interview Questions

  • What is AutoCAD and what is its functionality?
  • What type of CAD hands on experience do you have and which version of CAD you have worked before?
  • Tell us some uses of an AutoCAD drafter in a manufacturing company.
  • What are the different types of software technologies used in the field of AutoCAD?
  • On which operating systems and hardware technologies you have worked before?
  • What makes you different from rest of the candidates applied for this job?
  • Can you estimate the time required to design this system in AutoCAD? (The interviewer will show some drawings and blueprints)
  • What are your salary expectations for this job profile?
  • Tell me a worst mistake that you might have done while making a draft.
  • Do you think that you will be able to handle the work pressure with this level of experience?
  • What is the most interesting thing that you like about an AutoCad drafter?
  • Why are you planning to leave your previous job?
  • If selected for this job profile, how soon can you join us?

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