Bank Receptionist Interview Questions

Bank receptionist interview questions are framed by the experts to interview an individual, who is seeking to acquire the job position of a bank receptionist. This set of questions helps to hire the qualified contender by investigating professional skills, knowledge of conducting various reception procedures and educational qualifications, etc.

Sample Bank Receptionist Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about your previous working experience. Why are you interested in this vacancy?
  • How good are in handling routine phone calls and customer’s banking queries? Kindly mention something about your communication skills.
  • What is your strategy to handle the discontented potential clients? How do you generally greet the customers?
  • Tell us something about your knowledge of accessing a computer system and associated peripherals such as a printer & scanner.
  • Discuss the standard telephonic script you used in your previous jobs? How do you educate and convince a bank customer over the e-mail and telephone?
  • Explain the meaning of ERP and intranet? Can you work on both to feed the bank employees attendance & bank customer’s entries into it?
  • If a new client comes to the bank, how would you guide him? What would be your first impression and reaction towards him?
  • How many departments are there in a bank? How do you officially attach with each department?
  • How many banking accounts do you know? What is the procedure the open a savings account?
  • How do you maintain the record shelves and update the files? What procedure do you follow generally to keep the conversation database records?
  • If we appoint you, when are you available to join our bank?

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