Bank Sales Executive Interview Questions

Bank sales executive interview questions are framed by the experts to interview the interested candidates, who are willing to join a particular bank as a bank sales executive. By assessing the education skills, overall working experience and professional expertise, a deserving contender can be hired by the concerned department.

Sample Bank Sales Executive Interview Questions:

  • Walk us through your candidature. How many years experience of do you have as a bank sales executive?
  • Please mention something about your overall sales experience with a bank.
  • According to the RBI, what are the standard codes & conducts mentioned for selling banking products?
  • What do you understand from a bank selling strategy? How such a bank strategy is different from a normal sales policy?
  • Mention the name of all banking products which have you sold in your banking sales career?
  • Tell us any banking sales technique raised by you to bring more customers and business.
  • In case of any sales issue or wrong information, how do you handle a highly disappointed client when the person is a potential customer of the bank?
  • How do you work in excessive work load? Tell us about your tricks of completing assigned targets within a given deadline.
  • Do you like to work in the field or meeting customers during holidays?
  • Before promoting and selling a bank product, what are your measures to evaluate the product?
  • If a client is ready to buy some policy or loan product from you and is simultaneously dealing with some bank regarding the same. How would you grab the deal in your favour?

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