Bank Teller Job Interview Questions

  1. What made you decide to work for this bank?
  2. What according to you are the most essential qualities needed for this job?
  3. Are you used to the procedure of daily reconciliation of the cash with the ledger?
  4. Suppose you have come across with a customer with a bundle of fake notes. How would you deal with it?
  5. Name 1 bank where you found the bank teller job to be outstanding? What were those features?
  6. What will you do in a situation where you are sure one of the top managerial personnel is involved with some sort of ‘financial fraud’ of the bank?
  7. Are you used to work in a team where you have to abide by the instructions issued to you by the team leader?
  8. How will you differentiate the short-term and long-term goals which you intend to achieve? What are your salary expectations from the job?

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