Basic Job Interview Questions

1.   Please introduce yourself.

2.   What are your professional assets?

3.   How do you feel about taking up your first job?

4.   What is your expected salary?

5.   What makes you stand apart from others in your profession?

6.   Will you relocate for your job?

7.   Will you travel on the job?

8.   What motivates you?

9.   Why are you leaving the present job?

10.  Why is there a break after your graduation?

11.  Why is there a break after leaving your last job?

12.  Do you have other offers on hand or will you join us if selected?

13.  If selected, how long do you need to join us?

14.  What will you contribute to our company?

15.  Will you take up refresher courses?

16.  How many years can you give us as a minimum commitment?

17.  If your assigned duties changed after a few months, can you adapt quickly?

18.  Would you like to ask us anything about our company or this position?

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