Beauty Therapist Interview Questions

Beauty therapist interview questions are outlined to interview the eligible candidates, who are seeking to work as a beauty therapist. After evaluating the professional approach, experience of various beauty therapies & treatments, the best candidate can be appointed on this job position.

Sample Beauty Therapist Interview Questions:

  • Mention the biggest strengths of your resume. How do you see your weaknesses?
  • As a beauty therapist, tell us about your area of expertise?
  • What is beauty therapist professionalism? How does this help people in their well being?
  • What are the major job duties of a beauty therapist?
  • How do deal with your potential customers and regular visitors?
  • Explain nail care, hair dressing and bridal make up. Do you think you can handle these three beauty sections with perfection?
  • Mention the recently introduced techniques for manicure, pedicure and skin care.
  • How many massage techniques do you know?
  • What method do you follow to attract more clients to your beauty studio?
  • How do you make out the skin type of a client? What do you understand by beauty start up package?
  • Do you recommend your customer some homemade therapies for maintaining good skin glow?
  • How do you suggest the exact treatment, make up and skin therapies to your clients by understanding their demands?
  • Have you ever faced a situation, where you pampered a client with good therapy and it caused some side effects on her health? How did you handle such an embarrassing situation?
  • How do you greet your clients and ask them to wait when the working place is almost full?
  • Why should we select you for this job position?

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