Behavioral Event Job Interview Questions

  1. Tell us more about your resume.
  2. Give one instance where your skills and competencies helped you solve one critical situation?
  3. Suppose you have noticed one of the best performers in your team has started to show signs of low performance, how will you deal with it?
  4. According to you what qualities in you make you the idle candidate for this job?
  5. Have ever been awarded by the management for you excellent performance?
  6. How do you generally deal with the night shift work?
  7. Do you like incentive based salary?
  8. What do you dislike the most in your superiors?
  9. How will you report to your higher authorities where you found one of your superiors is involved in some unethical practices?
  10. How will you differentiate between a pleasant and a nightmarish job incident?
  11. How has your previous job been a learning experience for you? Can you please describe it briefly to us?

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