Behavioural Health Interview Questions

  1. What do you understand by behavioural health? How can this serious issue cause catastrophe if not attended on time?
  2. Tell us an example when you have focused on first critical case of your life?
  3. What did you learn after attending so many behavioural health issues?
  4. How do you treat a patient who really needs sympathy?
  5. Have you ever commanded a team for special cases? Mention about your experience?
  6. Tell us about a situation when you have been assigned some important case and after accomplishment of the challenge any of your senior mentioned his name on final report, instead of your?
  7. How will you deal with circumstances when your team stops obeying you and you are about to finish?
  8. Mention about your biggest challenge, when all others were against you?
  9. From which institute have you completed your educational expertise? Name the institutions you have worked till date?
  10. How do you handle a case, what information do you gather before studying a case? What is the role of this information?

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