Benefit and Compensation Manager Interview Questions

Benefit and compensation manager interview questions are asked to a candidate who is sitting in an interview for this post. The benefit and compensation manager develops, implement and overview the benefit and compensation policy of a company. These benefits includes all kind of insurance, allowances, profit-sharing policies and pensions etc It’s his responsibility to oversee the execution of benefit and salary system as per the company’s financial resources and market trends as well.

Sample Benefit and Compensation Manager Interview Questions

  1. Please tell us about your experience in employee benefit and compensation field? What was your last job profile in this regard?
  2. How tough is to make a competitive salary policy to keep the association of employees with company within company resource limitations?
  3. What are the legislation regarding pension and insurance claims and other allowances?
  4. What kind of compulsory claims and covers companies provide to its employee?
  5. Do you have any experience of dealing with unions in salary and benefit related issues? If yes, than what have been your strategies to resolve such maters?
  6. While developing new compensation packages and salary slabs, what factors do you keep in mind?
  7. What are the different job evaluation methods used in a company?
  8. Have you made analysis and assessment reports of market trends of salary and benefits of different employees in your prior jobs?
  9. How you will address the individual complaints or grievance regarding benefits and compensations? How challenging is it to maintain the employee satisfaction?
  10. How much salary do you expect for this job?

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