Biometrist Interview Questions

Biometrist interview questions should be framed in such a manner so that it tests the application of biology, medicine and agriculture and drug development.

A Biometrist applies mathematical and statistical techniques to interpret and determine the massive quantities of data generated by research and development work in the pure and applied biological sciences.

Sample Biometrist Interview Questions

  1. In what field amongst agriculture, food sciences, fisheries, genetics, health, forestry and environmental sciences do you interpret massive quantities of data?
  2. What idea do you have about design, analysis and interpretation of trials and the modelling of biological systems?
  3. Tell us about your skills which are not there in resume.
  4. What activities among testing performance of new crop varieties, modelling the spread of a particular disease, modelling population changes for a particular species, clinical trial of newly developed drugs are you associated with?
  5. How is the Biometrist’s job useful in research and development work?
  6. How is statistical analysis namely probability, bar graphs, pie charts and empirical data collections applied to biology, bio chemistry, microbiology, etc.?
  7. Where did you worked previously and describe your job there? What is the duration of your viability there?
  8. What mathematical operations and matrices do you use for data analysis?
  9. Don’t you think the job of a Biometrist can be a bit monotonous, if so how will you handle the job stress and work pressure?
  10. What are your salary expectations from this job profile?
  11. If selected how soon you can join us? Do you have to serve any notice period?

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