BIS Certification Interview Questions

The BIS Certification Interview Questions are intended to find out whether the BIS Certification course will really help them candidates in increasing their knowledge in the quality standards and benchmarks space and whether it was good financial decision. The competence level of the candidate is also assessed from the BIS and other related Industrial Quality yardsticks perspective. It also helps determine the various ways in which to further improve the certification program.

Sample BIS Certification Interview Questions

  • How do you rate this course with respect to the other courses that you also might have attended in the quality benchmark areas?
  • Was the material provided good enough to cover all aspects?
  • How do you rate the quality of faculty and their knowledge level – on a scale of 1 to 5?
  • What is the role of BIS in ISO 14001:1996 certification?
  • What is the role of BIS in ISO 9000?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the infrastructure provided during training and the faculty’s knowledge level?
  • What is IS/ISO 14004?
  • What are the various services offered by BIS?
  • What are the items under mandatory BIS certification?
  • What are the various management systems used and certification schemes offered by BIS?
  • Which international training programs are offered at BIS?
  • What is the process followed by BIS for hallmarking of gold?
  • What schemes are offered for foreign manufacturers by BIS? What does the concerned agreement speak of?
  • What are the various quality awards that BIS bestows?

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