Brainbench Certification Interview Questions

These Brainbench Certification Interview Questions are intended to find out whether the Brainbench Certification course was a good decision from the cost and benefit perspective of the candidate and understanding from the candidate as to where the gaps were, if any, and how she suggests we can bridge them. Also figuring out the competency level that the candidate has gained from the certification training – is another objective of the questions asked from a Quality Assurance aspect.

Sample Brainbench Certification Interview Questions

  • Please explain in detail on the positives and negatives of this course from your perspective?
  • Was the training environment conducive to learning?
  • How do you rate the material provided to you during training – on a scale of 1 to 5?
  • What is the term for decomposing a software program so that latent design information can be extracted?
  • After which phase is the inspection process optional?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the infrastructure provided during training and the faculty’s knowledge level?
  • How is the score range mapped to proficiency level?
  • What are the chief proficiency level descriptions used in Brainbench?
  • How is the percentile score calculated and strong and weak knowledge areas determined for Brainbench certifications?
  • Would you suggest Brainbench to aspirants seeking certifications?
  • How does Brainbench differentiate between Terminology & Syntax, Conceptual, and Problem-Solving Questions?
  • What are the passing scores that Brainbench uses? What is the score used for master level certification?

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