BRC Certification Interview Questions

The BRC Certification Interview Questions are intended to find out whether the BRC Certification helps the candidate organization adhere to best practices, further improve supplier standards and consistency, and avoid product failure. The questions also help the candidate organization further enhance their knowledge of how does BRC certification helps them with concise information to assist with due diligence defense.

Sample BRC Certification Interview Questions

  • What does the supplier gain when it gets certified against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety?
  • What all is contained in the BRC certification audit report?
  • Which institution provides the BRC certification?
  • Are both legal obligations and customer protection aspects taken care of for a food company when it gets BRC certified?
  • How does one prepare for a BRC certification – what are the things to be kept in mind?
  • Is attending the training a requirement for preparing for the BRC certification audit?
  • Does a pre-audit benefit my food company when preparing for certification audit?
  • What category, products and scope should be considered when preparing for my audit?
  • What is the duration of audit days for my on-site audit?
  • Where do I obtain a CERT ID Certification application?
  • Is CERT ID LC experienced in the certification process?
  • What are the key features of the BRC Issue 6?
    • How does CERT ID determine the time that the auditor will spend at each site?
    • What is the cost of BRC certification?
    • Why should one only go for Cert ID’s BRC certification?

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