Business Analyst Technical Interview Questions

  1. So you left your Master’s Degree in Business Analyst course midway during your stay at London School of Economics. Why?
  2. Tell us what are the things you would do to merge the various business areas in your business just to ensure better efficiency?
  3. As a business analyst, what documentations process do you generally adhere to in day to day work?
  4. With which software do you prefer to do so?
  5. How do you determine what inside and outside resources would you need to give shape to a project you have undertaken?
  6. What do you generally do when the projected budgetary figures differ from that of the current one?
  7. Outline 5 major risks associated with a business analyst technical job?
  8. Cite an instance where your knowledge about probability helped you solve a situation.
  9. IT/Technical business analysis is considered as one of the four tiers of the business analysis. What are the other three?
  10. Is there anything else which you would like to add to your resume?

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