Business Development Interview Questions

A Business development interview questions are the sequence of questions that should be asked by a panel while conducting recruitment and selection for the post of a business development professional. A business development professional should be very good at generating leads, following up, sales skills, presentation skills, and interpersonal skills. The following questions can help choose the best candidate for the job.

Sample Business development interview questions

  • What is your experience of being a business development professional?
  • What was the monthly target of business development in your previous organization?
  • What has been your latest marketing activity? What kind of response did you experience from this activity?
  • Does ‘Business development’ mean ‘sales’?
  • Do companies give unachievable targets to its business development professionals?
  • What kind of breakup of the fixed and variable pay should a business development professional have?
  • How was your last appraisal in your previous company in terms of ‘Did not achieve expectations’, ‘Achieved expectations’, ‘Exceeded expectations’?
  • How much does the firm influences a business development professional in choosing his or her target markets?
  • What are some of the best ways to use the web for business development?
  • What are your other skills related to marketing other than sales and business development?
  • Suppose you are a business development manager and a team of people with a mixed bag of experience work under you. How will you distribute the targets?
  • Give us some tips of generating leads for business development.
  • How will your previous experience help you in adding value to our organization?

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