Business Job Interview Questions

  1. Can you let us know what are your goals and objectives? How do you plan to achieve it?
  2. Besides your professional goals, what other specific goals you intend to accomplish?
  3. What are those rewards which you expect from this business job?
  4. What your salary expectations from this job?
  5. Which one will you go for – money or job satisfaction?
  6. Have you ever worked in a team? What is that one thing which you dislike the most in a team leader?
  7. Are you accustomed to working in a target oriented job?
  8. What lures you the most in a business job – the challenge or the reorganization of your skills?
  9. 5 year down the line, where do you see yourself in this job?
  10. Give us an example where you had a bitter experience in a similar job.
  11. If given a choice will you prefer working in a team or an individual?

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