C Language Interview Questions

  1. Give a brief introduction over C language? How many programs have you prepared in this language?
  2. Discuss about your expertise and work load till date?
  3. What are the different data types and structures used in C language?
  4. Explain the difference between Null pointer and Null array? What is the use of these two?
  5. What is the method to obtain offset address and segment address? Discuss the procedure for both?
  6. Describe bitwise operator? Is it suitable for Turing off and putting on particular bit in a number?
  7. Explain the different number system? Can you convert to decimal number type to hexadecimal number?
  8. Convert 1100001 to octal number? What is argc and argv?
  9. What are the steps to write a programme using two strings?
  10. How can you write Command line Arguments? Discuss the method of writing a similar function to printf()?
  11. Explain atoi(), pow() and sin()? Where can you use three functions?
  12. What are the limitations of C languages?

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