C Programming Interview Questions

  1. What is a programming language? Do you have any experience about programming in C?
  2. Do you know about different kinds of data types, variables and constant used in C programming?
  3. Define a class in C language? Can you create more than one class in C program? If yes, explain the procedure with the help of an example?
  4. What is an operator? Explain Arithmetic and logical operators? How are these useful in C programming?
  5. Describe allocated memory? How do you dynamically allocate arrays in expanded memory?
  6. What is the difference between Union and Structure?
  7. Explain the function of printf(), scanf() and fprintf()?is it possible to use fprintf() instead of printf()?
  8. What is the difference between strcpy and strdup? Explain the use of both?
  9. How many loop statements are there in C programming? How does switch statement behaves? Where can you use this statement?
  10. Which keys are used from keyboard to execute written programs?

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