C Sharp Interview Questions

  1. Do you have any project on C language? Tell us something about your experience?
  2. What is the basic difference between C and C++? Explain the different features of both?
  3. Explain: object, class and void ()?
  4. How do you create a class in C programme? Can you create more than one class in one program using C language?
  5. State the difference between object base languages and object oriented languages?
  6. How do you implement DDL in C and C++?
  7. What is array and string? Where array is used in programming? What is the function of string?
  8. Explain the use of Postbackurl and Navigateurl? Where can you use these both? State the advantages and disadvantages of Postbackurl?
  9. How do you do files exception handling in C++?
  10. What is session? Explain the difference between session and session objects?
  11. How do you define Namespace? What is the difference between Namespace Alias Qualifier and Extern Namespaces Alias?
  12. What is interface mapping? Why is it required in C and C++?

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