C++ Technical Interview Questions

  1. How much experience do you have C++ working?
  2. Enumerate the basic advantages and disadvantages of Binary trees which is enjoys over B-star trees?
  3. Differentiate between an internal iterator and an external iterator.
  4. Do you know which recursive sorting technique is sure to make recursive calls to do the sorting of subarrays those are generally half the size of those original array?
  5. What do you understand by linked list?
  6. What is so special about a reverse of a string?
  7. What will you normally do when you want to insert a node in a linked list?
  8. What would you do to reverse a doubly linked list?
  9. Can you explain the main attributes of Tuple in a C++ programming?
  10. What is your know-how about a dangling pointer in visual C++?
  11. Do you think you can overload a function with a return type?
  12. What makes an array of reference near impossible?

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  1. Turun says:

    These are terrible technical interview questions. This is more like a college finals exam than a set of interview questions.

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