C Technical Interview Questions

  1. Tell us something about your higher academic qualifications? Name the institution from where you have completed your qualifications?
  2. Do you think you need any training to prepare a project on c language?
  3. What do you understand from variable? Where can you use static and dynamic variables?
  4. Discuss the difference between structure and string? Why these two used in C Language?
  5. Give the advantages and disadvantages of Macro?
  6. State the difference between pass by values and pass by reference? Where can you use these two functions?
  7. Differentiate between linked list and array? Where can you store auto variables?
  8. Give definition for global, static, local and register variables?
  9. How do you define functions in header files? Discuss static identifier? Where can identifiers be used?
  10. What do you mean from storage allocation? Discuss the scope of all variables in allocation?
  11. What is gets() and fgets() function and which one is safe to use in C language?

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