Call Centre Agent Interview Questions

Call centre agent interview questions are asked to an individual, who is seeking to acquire the job position of a call centre agent. By inspecting the professional abilities, work experience and education status, a qualified candidate can be appointed on this vacancy.

Sample Call Centre Agent Interview Questions:

  • Walk us through your resume? Tell us how satisfied are you with your overall call centre experience?
  • How do you rate your communication skills in terms of reading and understanding the various English accents?
  • Discuss your telephonic skills to attend the client’s queries?
  • How good are you in selling products over the telephone?
  • Tell us something about your computer proficiency. Do you think you can take an immediate troubleshooting action in case of any small computer problem?
  • If you are talking to a highly discontented client and he is abusing you due to wrong selling of a product, what do you do in such an embarrassing condition?
  • What is your strategy to serve the clients with perfect customer support skills?
  • Tell us a time when you could not meet your target on time and this really impacted your department. If such a condition will come in the future, how would you encounter this condition?
  • Do you think you can work in a team easily? How do you help your subordinates and colleagues in case of any issue?
  • Tell us about your management skills. Do you think you are able to deliver the assigned targets within the deadlines?
  • If we select you, when are you available to work with us?

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